Given the problem of increaingly rare resources, it is essential to offer alternative and innovative products to our customers in the construction industry and public works. The development of our range of alternative materials called CBGreen, addresses the needs of the circular economy trends. Developing our alternative material range has three objectives:

  • Make our deposit sustainable.
  • Act in agreement with the new trends in circular economy.
  • Anticipate the future needs of the leaders. 

We market industrial co-products, such as crytallised slag from steel plants …

We receive deconstruction waste, recycle it and sell it. 

We recycle quarry co-products. In particular our fines from the washing process are used as components in :

  • “Nérée” ecological paint (awarded the 2nd eco-innovation award Environord in 2011.)
  • Materials for 3D concrete printing for the construction industry.