The quality of our aggregates carries out customers' projects



  • A reference in industrial know-how, cutting edge industrial facilities, high and consistent levels of quality.
  • Regular high quality supplies for substantial volumes.
  • Synergies with the CB Group’s concrete business in analysing and formulating concrete.
  • An independent high quality service comprising the planning, design and full tracking of compliance for the products manufactured.
  • Technical backup to support customers and define the most suitable products for their needs.
  • Systematic processing of every customer alert with the constant goal of perfect transparency.
  • On going attentiveness to customers along with an annual satisfaction survey. 

For some years now, the aggregates business within CB Group has been developing in parallel the width of its products range – manufactured and marketed – and the size of its distribution area. This ambitious evolution has recently accelerated with the opening of a distribution platform network in Ile-de-France, Picardie and Normandie, the acquisition of the company Carrières Blanc in Rhône-Alpes and the launch of a marine aggregates project in Boulogne-sur-Mer. 

Since 2009 the aggregate business within CB Group started a revamping of its operating of its operating process; working on the basis of the past experiences – good or bad – on the site of Ferques, first ISO certified site in the Marquise quarry area, certified ISO 9001 since 1994 and ISO 14001 since 2003 with as a target:

  • describing the interface process between operation, marketing and logistics as well as the proper role of the support and operationnal positions.
  • safegaurding the organisations and the opérations by better describing and sharing all positions and missions.
  • enhancing the business development by duplicating the organisations. 


Being certified ISO 9001 for the whole prodcution chain and ISO 14001 for support services confirmed the capacity of the unit Ganulats (aggregate) of the CB Group to master its operations in a sustainable amnner and with an emphasis on continous improvement. The quality of our products helps you realize all you projects.